Nothing justifies violence.

Repressed? Feel worthless? Humiliated?

Don't feel secure anymore?

Frauenhaus Amstetten will help you to step away from violence or abuse.

We're available 0 - 24h, around the clock. Admittance is always possible!

Call us or send us an email:

Every women's shelter offers protection from violence, safe living arrangements, and professional consultation.

Residency in the Frauenhaus is cost-free for the first month. Later, we charge a low fee from your regular income.

The Amstetten women's shelter provides space for 8 women and their children.

Have a look at our facilities:

Living quarters

For Children


Our Garden

Frauenhaus Amstetten offers refuge and shelter to women and their children who are threatened with, or suffer from, violence or abuse of all types - be it psychological or physical.


We offer admittance around the clock, a place to live for up to a year in an atmosphere free from fear, playing facilities and pedagogical counseling for kids, and consultation on site or by telephone for women who need support with coming to terms with experiences of violence and abuse.


Each women is assigned her own room together with her children; kitchens, bathrooms, and other facilities are communally shared.


Professional, educated staff provide counsel in legal, financial, social and pedagogical matters, as well as assisting with job searches and housing. If requested, they accompany women to public authorities and courts.




Any type of humiliation, insult, threats, emotional blackmail, financial abuse, psychological abuse, battering, forced sexual contact, child abuse, forced marriage, and deprivation of freedom of movement or free association with friends or family - and the list doesn't stop there. 


All conversations are kept confidential under Austrian law, and consultation is available with a translator when necessary.

Step away from violence.

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We are happy to receive your donation!

IBAN: AT30 3202 5000 0008 6330

Your donation to the Amstetten women's shelter is tax deductible! To send it to the tax office, please state your first and last name as well as your date of birth in the “Intended purpose”.